Bequest & Estate Giving

There are various planned giving methods to support the University of Florida. Each offers opportunities for commitments that will have a major impact upon university excellence. Planned gifts also offer numerous benefits for donors.

Establishing a planned gift doesn’t have to be a complicated process. The UF Office of Gift & Estate Planning can help you and your advisors find the best option for you to ensure your legacy and passion for the UF College of Medicine impacts generations to come. Please explore the gift intention form for the simplest way to document a planned gift.

If you would like to discuss options, the UF Office of Gift & Estate Planning staff has considerable experience in helping people create and document estate plans that are strategically developed and thoughtfully executed. We would consider it an honor to assist you.

Dr. James B. Duke and Mrs. Pamela H. Duke Estate Gift

James Duke, MD ’85

“Part of the mantra of our family is the best thing you can do on a daily basis is to show appreciation, and we certainly appreciate the foundation that UF gave us and we love giving back when we can.”

Pam and Jim Duke with Albert and Alberta

Willie J. Sanders Scholarship

Maude Lofton, MD ’79

“I was on scholarships and grants. As a recipient of that support, I know how much it means. Coming back to campus and meeting students who have received scholarships, seeing their excitement about the specialties they’re considering and the education they’re receiving — it’s a really good feeling because you know you’re part of making a change.”

Maude Lofton

Albert and Dorothy Lehtola Medical Scholarship

Michael Lehtola, MD ’76

“There’s never been a doubt in my mind that I would leave a legacy to UF to say thank you for how the College of Medicine transformed my life. This gift is also in memory of my parents and the opportunities they made available to me. They will be remembered in a way that’s positive and supports the goals of medical students who can provide the best service to society. I can’t think of a better way to honor them.”

Doctor Lehtola sits at his piano.

Palmer-Johnson Family PA Scholarship Fund

Brian Palmer, PA ’79

“PA school can be quite a financial burden on students. The majority of these students are not going directly from their undergraduate years to this program. Many of them have careers and families and other life experiences. I thought it would be helpful to contribute to their education and help with that burden.”

Brian Palmer (right), with his two children, Jillian Johnson and Joshua Palmer, pictured here holding a photo of his mother, the late Lee Berkowitz-Palmer.