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Birthday Card Design Contest

Birthday Card Design Contest

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Check out these past year entries from our birthday card contest, beautifully crafted by talented young Gator creators.

Daughter of Priscilla McAuliffe, PhD ’05

Artwork by Nechama Wein, age 7

Artwork by Nechama Wein

Grandson of Loretta Jackson-Hicks, MD ’75

Artwork by Amari Hicks, age 10

Artwork by Amari Hicks


Artwork by Charlotte Calhoun, age 5

Copy of Artwork by Charlotte Calhoun

Daughter of Lailey Olivia, MD ’10

Artwork by Mia Oliva, age 12

Copy of Artwork by Mia Olivia

Granddaughter of Patricia McFall Calhoun, MD ’84

Artwork by Margaret Calhoun, age 7

opy Artwork by Margaret Calhoun

DAUGHTER OF Cary Aungst, MD ’10

Artwork by Brynn Aungst, age 10

Artwork by Brynn Aungst