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Gator Specialty Series | Alumni Speaker Series

Gator Specialty Series

Created in conjunction with the Office of Student Affairs, the Gator Specialty Series is a platform where UF College of Medicine graduates can provide insight into their chosen specialty. This series explores specialties in different clinical settings across urban and rural communities, as well as academic medicine and private practices. During these sessions, students will hear from alumni who have completed training and work in their chosen specialty.


During the session, we had the honor of listening to distinguished alumni who are experts in the field of Anesthesiology. Dr. Tammy Y. Euliano, Dr. Gregory M. Janelle, Dr. Brooke I. Tsao, Dr. Leshawn Richards, and Dr. Paul M. Campbell generously shared their invaluable training experiences, remarkable achievements, the obstacles they’ve surmounted, and their profound insights. Dr. Chris Giordano skillfully moderated the discussion.


Alumni specializing in Cardiology: Dr. David L. Boone, M.D. ’16, Dr. Carl A. Dragstedt, HS ’12, Dr. Suzanne Feigofsky, M.D. ’97, HS ’04, Dr. Matthew S. McKillop, M.D. ’03, HS ’06, Dr. Ki Eun Park, M.D. ’06, HS ’13, Dr. John W. Petersen, M.D. ’04, HS ’10, Dr. Brian C. Taschner, M.D. ’98, shared their training experiences, accomplishments, challenges, and insights.


Alumni specializing in Dermatology: Philip G. Barton, M.D. ’92, Kathryn B. Holloway, M.D. ’92, Gina M. Sevigny, M.D. ’94, Amy E. DeVore, M.D., ’03 and Samantha H. Fisher, M.D. ‘18., shared their training experiences, accomplishments, challenges, and insights.

Emergency Medicine

Hear from alumni who have the great work ethics necessary to succeed in a fast-paced specialization like Emergency Medicine: Andreea S. Nemes, M.D. ’09, Andrew F. Miller M.D. ’10, Christopher E. Bucciarelli, M.D. ’09, Charles W. Hwang Jr., M.D., ’13, and Beulah D. Castor M.D., ‘18.

Family Medicine

Hear from real-life doctors and four energetic alumni as they discuss maintaining balance in the career, army, home, and beyond and how the family medicine specialty affords opportunities, flexibility, variety, and a lot of passion for caring for patients. Alumni specializing in Family Medicine: Patricia Calhoun, M.D. ’89, Holly L. Baab, M.D. ’00, Stacy Lundstedt, M.D. ’13, and Cordell R. Hachinsky, M.D. ’18.

General Surgery

During our final series for this semester, which focused on General Surgery, alumni Holly L. Neville, M.D. ’96, Stefanie D. Kolpak, M.D. ’96, Jason A. Shofnos, M.D. ’01, Ana M. Velez-Rosborough, M.D. ’12, Nicholas S. Laconi, M.D. ’17, Anna Beth West, M.D. ’18 and Justin C. Dourado, M.D. ’19, shared their training experiences, accomplishments, challenges, and insights.

Internal Medicine

The Gator Specialty Series is back! Alumni specializing in Internal Medicine: Joe L. Lezama Jr., M.D. ’97, Paul D. O’Rourke, M.D. ’11, Mary Solis, M.D. ’18, and Sean M. Taasan, M.D. ’19, shared their training experiences, accomplishments, challenges, and insights.


Alumni specializing in OB/GYN, Nyima S. Ali, M.D. ’09, Kendra Sylvester-Armstrong, M.D. ’14, Amelia M. Schaub, M.D. ’16, and Jason A. Schneider, M.D. ’17, shared their training experiences and accomplishments challenges.

Orthopaedic Surgery

During the session, we had the privilege of hearing from distinguished alumni specializing in Orthopedic Surgery. Daniel Murphy, MD, Class of ’93, Michael Moser, MD, Class of ’97, Veronica Diaz, MD, Class of ’04, David Chan, MD, Class of ’06, Justin Deen, MD, Class of ’11, and Joseph Monir, MD, Class of ’18, graciously shared their valuable training experiences, remarkable accomplishments, the challenges they’ve overcome, and their invaluable insights.

Orthopaedic Surgery

Dr. Lindsay E. Flynn, MD ’14, and Dr. Constantine Toumbis, HS ’04, have prepared pre-recorded messages sharing their experiences as orthopedic surgeons.


Alumni specializing in pediatrics, Sonja Rasmussen, M.D. ’90; Janelle Hayes Barfield, M.D., FAAP, ’06; and Michael Ortiz, M.D. ’10, shared their training experiences and accomplishments challenges.


Hear from real-life psychiatrists: Jennifer L. Goetz, M.D. ’13, Maria L. Llorente, M.D. ’86, Mariam Rahmani, M.D. ’09, HS ’14, Michelle R. Scargle, M.D., HS ’06, and Sarah Y. Vinson, M.D. ’07 on their profession and answer students’ questions and concerns.

Alumni Speaker Series

The Alumni Speaker Series is a platform where UF College of Medicine graduates can provide insight into their medical school and residency experiences, discuss various career paths, and share tips on topics such as work-life balance and budgeting with UF medical students.

Finding your fit

On Oct. 26 via Zoom, Suzy Feigofsky, M.D. ’97, an alumna of the College of Medicine and triple Gator, shared her medical school experience and career path within her field of cardiology. She also discussed burnout and Imposter Syndrome.

Women in Medicine

On March 9th, we held the panel discussion that celebrates Women in Medicine with our alumnae: Stephanie I. Byerly, M.D. ’92, H.S. ’97, Holly L. Neville, M.D. ’96, Ki Eun Park, M.D. ’06, H.S. ’14, and Stephanie C. Yarnell, Ph.D. ’11, M.D. ’13. They shared their experience about the unique challenges female physicians confront over their careers to foster an inclusive environment that promotes female healthcare providers’ growth and development.

Mending Fragmentation, Improving Health

Tune in for a nonlinear journey of an alumna Ashwini Zenooz, M.D. ’99, towards a steadfast goal – improving the health system. Dr. Zenooz is a double Gator, and in her current role as the CEO of Commure, the developer platform of healthcare applications, she shares her nontraditional career path in Medicine.

“What I Wish I Knew in Medical School”

Gator graduates: Joanne C. Albert, M.D. ’20, Amber J. Cooke, M.D. ’19, Emily S. Edwards, M.D. ’21, Justin Dourado, M.D. ’19, Talles Sidronio, M.D. ’19, and Sean Taasan, M.D. ’19, who are completing residencies in various programs across the country shared their medical school tips and answered students’ questions.