Hippocratic Award

Since 1969, each graduating class presents the Hippocratic Award to a faculty member annually. Photo courtesy of UF Digital Collections


Since 1969, each graduating class presents the Hippocratic Award to a faculty member annually.

Established by the UF College of Medicine class of 1969, the Hippocratic Award is presented annually by each graduating class to a faculty member who represents the ideal role model and embodies professionalism, humanism and teaching prowess. The word “Hippocratic” refers to the Greek father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, who was known for his teaching and contributions to medicine.

Award recipients were initially recognized on a plaque in front of UF Health Shands Hospital near a sycamore tree given to the College of Medicine by the Greek minister of agriculture in 1969. This tree, known as the Hippocratic tree, was a cutting from a tree under which Hippocrates taught medicine on the Greek island of Kos, according to legend.

Several years ago, the College of Medicine permanently moved the award ceremony to Wilmot Gardens and transplanted a cutting from the original tree. Today, the gardens include the sapling from the Hippocratic tree and a new display for the plaques, with a plaque for each new recipient added annually.

Faculty spotlight

2020 hippocratic award winner

Ashleigh Wright, M.D.

During a virtual ceremony held May 6, students from the class of 2020 selected Ashleigh Wright, M.D., as the 2020 Hippocratic Award recipient. Wright is an assistant professor of medicine in the division of general internal medicine. Students say she has been an advocate for medical education, and that she “will be remembered as one of the greatest physicians at the UF College of Medicine.”

Ashleigh Wright, M.D. ’07, center, in white coat, poses for a photo with third- and fourth-year medical students and residents during fall 2019.

Hippocratic Award winners

Year Recipient Specialty
2020 Ashleigh Wright Internal Medicine
2019 Christopher Giordano Anesthesiology
2018 Ryan Nall* Internal Medicine
2017 Maureen Novak Pediatrics
2016 Richard Christensen Psychiatry
2015 Robert Hollander Medicine
2014 Robert Hatch Community Health & Family Medicine
2013 Robert Hollander Medicine
2012 Patricia Abbitt Radiology
2011 Maureen Novak Pediatrics
2010 Robert Hatch Community Health & Family Medicine
2009 Patricia Abbitt Radiology
2008 Jay Lynch Oncology
2007 Patrick Duff Ob/Gyn
2006 Robert Hatch Community Health & Family Medicine
2005 Josepha Cheong* Psychiatry
2004 Patricia Abbitt Radiology
2003 Jay Lynch Internal Medicine / Oncology
2002 Gene Ryerson Internal Medicine / Pulmonary
2001 Josepha Cheong* Psychiatry / VA
2000 John D. Davis Ob/Gyn
1999 Patrick Duff Ob/Gyn
1998 Gene Ryerson Internal Medicine / Pulmonary
1997 Ricardo Gonzales-Rothi Internal Medicine / Pulmonary
1996 Richard Christensen Psychiatry
1995 Jay Lynch Internal Medicine / Oncology
1994 Lourdes Corman Internal Medicine
1993 Dwayne Thomas Internal Medicine / Pulmonary
1992 Ricardo Gonazles-Rothi Internal Medicine / Pulmonary
1991 Patrick Duff Ob/Gyn
1990 Keith Stone* Ob/Gyn
1989 Hugh M. Hill Ob/Gyn
1988 Hugh M. Hill Ob/Gyn
1987 Warren Ross* Pharmacology / Oncology
1986 Gene Ryerson Internal Medicine / Pulmonary
1985 Robert T. Watson* Neurology
1984 J. Ocie Harris* Internal Medicine / Pulmonary
1984 Elia Ayoub Peds / Infectious Disease
1983 Gene Ryerson Internal Medicine / Pulmonary
1982 Franklin DeBusk General Pediatric
1981 Craig Kitchens* Internal Medicine / Hematology
1980 Robert Cade Internal Medicine / Renal
1979 J. Lee Dockery Ob/Gyn
1978 Edward Weinschelbaum General Surgery
1977 J. Patrick O`Leary* General Surgery
1976 James Cerda Internal Medicine / GI
1975 Hugh M. Hill Ob/Gyn
1974 Homer Knizley* Internal Medicine / Endocrine
1973 W. Jape Taylor Internal Medicine / Cardiology
1972 Walter Trudeau Medicine
1971 Gerold Schiebler Pediatric Cardiology
1970 Melvin Greer Neurology
1969 Hugh M. Hill Ob/Gyn

*Denotes a UF College of Medicine graduate