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Road to graduation

Paul Campbell

Before he begins a residency in anesthesiology at the UF College of Medicine, fourth-year UF medical student Paul Campbell reflects on the journey his life has taken through the Marines, service as an EMT and balancing medical training with fatherhood.

Paul Campbell poses for a photo while holding his diploma and wearing a graduation cap. Play Video

‘A labor of love and sacrifice’

The UF College of Medicine Class of 2020 becomes physicians and joins the front lines

Road to Graduation 2020

Members of the UF College of Medicine class of 2020 reach their dreams of becoming physicians

‘A humbling honor’

Ashleigh Wright, M.D. ’07, receives the 53rd Hippocratic Award for contributions to medical education

‘Natural joy’

Q & A with scholarship recipient and future pediatrics resident Joly Aziz Tawadrous



White Coat Ceremony

Match Day