Messages from the Faculty

Professor, department of medicine

A letter from James W. Lynch Jr., M.D., assistant dean of admissions

"I am very thankful for the chance to offer some thoughts as you all reach this milestone in your medical professional pilgrimage … My job affords me the privilege of getting to know you from the time of your application to medical school to your matriculation and then throughout your education."

Doctor James Lynch wearing a white coat

Professor, department of pediatrics

Maureen Novak, M.D.

“What joy! What uncertainty? So prepared, so proud! I know that wherever you end up, you will make the Gator Nation proud. You are ready and boy, does the world need you now! Thank you for touching my life.”

Director of wellness programs, UF College of Medicine

Lisa Merlo Greene, Ph.D.

“We at UF COM are so proud to claim such competent, compassionate future physicians as representatives of The Gator Nation. You have an incredible journey ahead, and I feel so privileged to have played even a small part in your medical training. I hope you will remember the importance of self-care as you progress in your careers, and that you will allow yourself time to rest, reflect and CELEBRATE your accomplishments! Best wishes for a fulfilling career and a lifetime of happiness. Go Gators!”

Associate professor, department of pediatrics

Nicole Paradise Black, M.D., M.Ed.

“I am grateful for the privilege of teaching and learning beside you. I will be here for you, always. Cheers.”

Clinical assistant professor, department of medicine

Martina Murphy, M.D.

“Congratulations! Your hard work has paid off! I know that you will all do amazing things and make lasting impacts on others with your lives. Go Gators!”

Professor, department of pediatrics

Shelley Collins, M.D.

“Being a doctor in these times is profoundly important. Congratulations and go make us proud!”

Professor, department of anatomy and cell biology and department of otolaryngology

Kyle Rarey, Ph.D.

“Congratulations, class of 2020! We are so proud of who you are and who you are becoming. I wish you much happiness and success ahead in your training. You made it around the buoys. Continue to… Stroke, Stroke, Kick, Kick.”

Associate professor, department of medicine

Melanie Hagen, M.D.

“Congratulations to an amazing cadre of medical professionals who are about to start practicing medicine at a time when you could not be needed more.”

Professor, department of surgery

Saleem Islam, M.D.

“I am incredibly proud of all of you students from 2020. You are an amazing and extraordinary bunch of people, and I am humbled to have been a small part of your journey through medical school.”

Associate professor, department of obstetrics and gynecology

Reem Abu-Rustum, M.D.

“Congratulations to each and every one of you as you start this noble career amidst our world pandemic. You are our hope, our future and our pride. It has been the greatest honor and privilege to partake in your education! For those of you leaving us, remember, you shall always have a home at UF! Go Gators.”

Professor, department of medicine

Marc Zumberg, M.D.

“Health care needs you more than ever. All your hard work will now make a real difference. Congrats and be proud.”