a new fundraising goal

Class Scholarship

Participate in the latest fundraising initiative, where classes are able to achieve their new goal swiftly. Your involvement will accelerate fund achievement, significantly enhancing our capacity to attract top-notch future Gator Docs nationwide and expedite support for our students.

A new fundraising goal: $75,000 by December 31, 2023.

Why now?

The new transition is necessary so students can receive funds more quickly, greatly boosting our ability to recruit the best future Gator Docs across the country. It also gives our generous alumni more opportunities to meet the students they support. To award funds for next year’s students, we are setting a new fundraising goal for classes whose scholarship balance is below $75,000. Below are the classes that still have the potential to achieve their revised goals by December 31, 2023.

What next?

After Dec. 31, class scholarship funds that fall below the $75,000 threshold will be combined into one large endowment fund for scholarships —expediting our ability to impact more students much sooner than ever before. Don’t see the fund you are looking for? Please visit https://www.uff.ufl.edu/med/ and see a list of featured funds or use the search feature.